Bird Travels 2018

Ringing in Jubail - January

Click below to see some great pictures of some newly ringed species, including a Daurian Shrike!

June - Cyprus

We took two separate guided birding outings with Victor Tjernberg of Bird Life Cyprus.  I was able finally give BLC the money I raised from my Christmas Concerts.  We conducted two European Roller surveys that BLC will use to better understand the Roller population in Cyprus.

Bird Travels 2017

Sri Lanka April

In April we traveled to Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary and Bundala National Park. At Kalametiya we took two separate guided tours on a flat bottom barge. At Bundala we spent four hours on a guided safari tour.  We identified 49 new species of birds on our trip.           

Bird Banding in Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Our first official bird banding outing.  We drove to Jubail, about one hour north of Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.  The certified bander is Jem Babbington of the U.K.  Many species of Warbler, and even a couple of Kingfishers that I got to hold before releasing!  

Jubail November

Click below to see photos from our latest ringing trip to Jubail with Jem and Nicole. 

Washington State Winter

We spent two weeks in Washington State over the Christmas holiday.  We did a lot of backyard birding at both of my grandpas' houses where I took lots of pictures of mostly Steller's Jays.  We also visited nearby Wiley Slough and Padilla Bay in Skagit County, where we saw a rare Black Phoebe, as well as a Red Naped Sap Sucker and a Northern Shrike!