Backyard Bird Count



The Backyard Bird Count is for anybody who wants to do it. You just look for birds in your backyard. Our backyard is the golf course so we went to the golf course and our family saw a Whinchat, a Crested Lark, a Grey Wagtail, a Eurasian Hoopoe, and a Great Grey Heron. We saw a rare Eastern Black Redstart. We drove about 5 KM.  When we entered our list on to Ebird, the next day we found out that we had observed the most species in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Please click on the pictures below to see closeups and captions.

Spring Migration


 The birds that are migrating are coming through RT because on their way to Africa from Europe or from Europe to Africa, their last stop is in RT then they head to Europe. Some of the birds are European Bee Eaters, and Woodchat Shrikes. My 4 year old sister, my mom, my dad, and I went to the golf course for about one hour around five pm. We saw some Bee Eaters diving super low. One almost hit me because he was trying to get an annoying fly that kept surrounding me. The Bee Eaters make me feel happy because I know that someday we will be able to get out of lock down.  I wish them good luck on the next stage of their long journey.