Turtle Travels 2019

Turtle Travels 2018

Coastal Wildlife Club, Venice Florida


Between July 2nd and 14th I volunteered with the Coastal Wildlife Club.  Click below to see pictures and check my blog post on the home page to learn all about it.

Kefalonia, Greece


Between July 15th and 25th I volunteered with Wildlife Sense in Kefalonia, Greece.

Over the ten days I participated in morning beach surveys, beach profiles, harbor patrols, and a tagging event.  

Check out the photos in the gallery and read my blog posts for details of each day.

Turtle Travels 2016 - 2017

Oman September 2016


September is a great month to go to Oman to view nesting Sea turtles.  Dozens of Green Sea Turtles digging nests under the moon.  Then, at 4 AM, just before dawn, the hatchlings started to emerge.  

Sri Lanka April 2017


Click below to learn about how, with the support of generous friends, I used my piano skills to benefit turtles in Sri Lanka.